Just wanted to give a quick announcement that my new book titled 35 Top Dividend Growth Stocks is available for download now through Amazon Kindle!

Be sure to act quickly as for the next 3 days (June 16,17 and 18) you can download the book for free!

I’d appreciate it if all of my readers would download the book while it’s free and leave your reviews on Amazon!  This will help give the book more exposure and hopefully give the book more success!  It would be a huge help for me if you would download the book!

35 Top Dividend Growth Stocks is divided into two parts.  Part One provides an introduction to the dividend growth strategy, why dividend growth stocks make good investments and the goals of dividend growth investors.  In Part Two I discuss my criteria for dividend growth stock selection.  The highlight of the book is where you can find out the 35 dividend growth stocks I am using to build my portfolio, company descriptions and my reasons for choosing these companies as long term investments.

It’s a short introductory book to the dividend growth investing strategy.  It probably won’t take more than a couple hours to read but hopefully will help get more people interested in investing in dividend growth stocks to reach financial independence.

Please go download the book and I’d appreciate any review you might want to leave on Amazon!  Thanks!

P.S.  If you don’t have an Amazon Kindle, there are many ways you can read Kindle books on different platforms.  Follow this link to find out how you can read Kindle books through your internet browser, on your personal computer, or on your IPad, Android or Windows 8 Tablets!

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21 Responses to 35 Top Dividend Growth Stocks

  1. Nice book! I like your picks and the way you mentioned the concerns and virtues of each. I don’t have a Kindle but was happy to see that I could read the book through Amazon’s own free online kindle reader. Pretty neat.

    • Dan Mac says:

      Thanks Captain Dividend! I don’t have a Kindle reader either but Amazon provides some good other options to read Kindle books. I have read books through their personal computer app, through a tablet app and even through their cloud reader allowing you to read on a web browser. I think they’ve done a real good job trying to accommodate the fact that not everyone is going to have a Kindle reader.

      Glad you liked the book!

  2. Great selection of blue-chip dividend payers, Dan. Great way to start up a long-term dividend portfolio. Will make sure to recommend it to others!

    The Dividend Theory

    • Dan Mac says:

      Thanks Dividend Theory! I’ll appreciate any help I can get promoting the book!

      Keep up the good work with your site! I look forward to reading more of your articles!

  3. I like your stock picks! We definitely have a similar dividend investing approach. Good job on putting in it on Kindle! I hope it will go well for you!

    best of luck!


  4. Nice stock selections, I own a few :)

    Well done with the book and I hope to put my review on Amazon for you soon.


  5. Great job on the book Dan. I just downloaded my copy.

    • Dan Mac says:

      Thanks Zach, I hope you enjoy it! If you like the book I’d appreciate a review over on Amazon!

  6. Dan,

    Just downloaded the book. Great stuff. Enjoyed the review of the strategy and loved the 35 picks. I hold many of them, so I was glad to see a lot of my picks in your list. A couple of them that I don’t own look really good, like DE.

    I’ll be putting up a review on Amazon soon!

    Best wishes!

    • Dan Mac says:

      Thanks Dividend Mantra I really appreciate it!

      DE is one of my favorites right now. I grew up on a farm that runs Deere tractors so it has some sentimental value for me as well. I like the growth prospects. Only down side is the lower dividend yield but while I’m younger I’m willing to sacrifice a little yield for higher growth. Hopefully it turns out good!

  7. Congrats on getting the e-book up! I’m heading over to download it now and will post a review on Amazon for it.

    • Dan Mac says:

      Thanks JC! I’m excited to have it finished and felt like I had pretty good acceptance of it overall. Hope you enjoy the book and I’ll really appreciate your review!

  8. Martin says:

    Dan, I just downloaded the book and review it and definitely get back to you with a critical eye!!! Well I can’t say yet, since I haven’t seen the book yet. But I am impressed on this achievement.

  9. Hey great book and well layed out and easy to read.
    Remember you can track your dividend stock using the iDRiP app for iPhone, and retire as early as possible.

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  11. Integrator says:

    This was a good read Dan. Some players in here that I wasn’t so aware of that I have marked down for further investigation. Nice work!

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