Welcome to Dividend Growth Stock Investing.  My name is Dan Mac and I am the creator of the Dividend Growth Stock Investing site and author of the free monthly Dividend Growth Investing Newsletter as well as the books 35 Top Dividend Growth Stocks and Retire With Dividend Growth available through Amazon.

I have created this site in order to share the strategy of building wealth using dividend growth stocks.  I intend for this site to be a place where anyone interested in investing in stocks and increasing their net worth can learn about the dividend growth investing strategy.  This is a place where you can learn and hopefully you can help me learn a few things as well.

I am not a professional investment advisor.  I don’t really have any training in stock investing.  Most of my knowledge has come from reading books and other websites about investing.  My own journey through the investing world has taken me through many different strategies.  I have tried to be a growth investor and a value investor.  I have tried to trade trends using technical analysis.  I have tried making money with options.  The problem is, every strategy I have used did not work out for me.  I usually ended up losing money or breaking even if lucky.  It wasn’t until I began learning about dividend growth investing when I felt I had stumbled upon a strategy that would actually work to help me reach my investing and financial goals.

For me, investing in dividend growth stocks just made sense.  Stocks that have a proven track record of paying dividends and increasing those dividends for many years in a row can usually provide a solid steady return with lower risk then other methods.  It makes sense to me that my focus on investing should be to own assets that will spin off an income to eventually use to offset my daily expenses.  Dividend paying stocks pay out this passive income to their shareholders.

I have been following the dividend growth stock investing strategy for about a year now.  I don’t claim to be an expert.  I am still learning from many different online resources.  This site is a place for me to gather my thoughts and share with others what I have learned.  My goal is to create a portfolio of stocks that will eventually pay out a passive income to cover all my expenses.  At this point I will be financially independent and no longer need to work for a living.  Join me on my journey through the world of dividend growth investing.

Stick around Dividend Growth Stock Investing and you’ll find my process of investing, rules for investing in dividend growth stocks, different factors to look for in your research and my analysis of individual companies.  I hope to create a community of successful investors here at Dividend Growth Stock Investing and hope that all readers feel free to comment, critique and make suggestions on all the articles.