dividend incomeIt’s been a great 2012 but I’m ready to get the new year started.  This time of year is always exciting for me because it means a new start.  I always make goals and make plans to reach those goals through the upcoming year.  I reflect back on my previous goals and how well I did in achieving them.  Coming up in January I look forward to sharing my goals for 2013 and my strategies for how I plan on reaching them.  In the meantime here are a few articles from around the web that I found interesting this past month.  I recommend checking them all out if you are looking for some good reading.

Dividend Investing Goals for 2013 – I’ll start off with this post from Dividend Growth Investor looking towards his investing goals for 2013.  DGI has the same long term goal as I do of reaching financial independence through dividend income although he seems a lot closer to reaching that goal than I am at this point.

Holding vs. Deploying Cash – I like this article by Dividend Mantra.  In the article he discusses the strategy of whether you should build up cash reserves while the market is considered over valued so that you can invest when the market is in a downturn or if you should rather just put your money to work immediately when you have it available.

Railroad Stocks Appear Attractively Valued Across the Country – In this article the Dividend Monk writes about railroad stocks such as Union Pacific, Norfolk Southern and CSX.  I recently purchased some shares of Norfolk Southern so I found this article particularly interesting.

Best of The Dividend Guy Blog for the Holidays – The Dividend Guy has put together a list of some of his best articles.  There is a lot to learn from the Dividend Guy so reading his best articles isn’t a bad idea.  I also like the statistics he details from his website.  He has a large number of readers that I could only dream of reaching one day.

Season’s Greetings! – I linked to this article because I find it interesting the example pointed out by Dividend Ninja of RIM stock.  Dividend Ninja talks about the idea of swing trading but decides it’s better to stick to his strategy of dividend investing.  I’ve tried swing trading in the past and I agree to him that dividend growth investing is the better strategy.

How I Manage My 401kBrick by Brick Investing discusses a couple tools he uses to decide how to allocate the money he is investing for retirement in his 401k.  He uses the S&P 500 20 month moving average and the Shiller PE10 ratio to determine when the market is over and undervalued and where he should be investing at the time.  This is an interesting strategy worth looking into.

Dividend Yield vs. Dividend Growth – Dividend Engineering takes a look at which might be more important between starting dividend yield or dividend growth rate.  Personally I look to add both types of companies to my portfolio.

How the Journey to Early Financial Indepence is Making My Life Better TodayFI Fighter writes about ways his goal of early financial independence is making his life better.  To outsiders it may seem like he is sacrificing a lot by saving such a high percentage of his income and living more frugal but in reality it is setting him more free from the pressures of career stress.  He won’t be as worried as his coworkers when times get rough and layoffs happen.

Book Review: Even Buffett isn’t Perfect – If you haven’t figured it out from this month, I like books and I like Warren Buffett.  Dividend Growth Machine gives a review of a Buffett book that I hadn’t previously heard of.

Who is Ben Grossbaum and Why Should We Listen to Him? – This article over on Dividend Growth Stocks is about one of my investing hero’s.  This is a timely article because I just received his book The Intelligent Investor for Christmas and am planning on reading it soon.  I’ve read the book before and would highly recommend checking it out if you like investing, although it is pretty deep.

Clorox Stock AnalysisPassive Income Pursuit had a couple good dividend growth stock analysis this month.  I am interested in Clorox which he looks at in this article.  This is definitely a stock to keep on your watch list.

2012 Personal Finance and Investing Goals – I’ll end with another article about goals.  My Own Advisor reviews his financial goals from 2012 and his progress towards achieving them.  Looks like he pretty much reached almost all of his goals setting him up for a good future.

This past month I had my first article published over on the investing site Seeking Alpha.  I wrote about Learning from the Avon Products Dividend Cut so go check it out and see what I learned.

There were quite a few good articles this month around the web about dividend growth investing.  Be sure to check them all out because the best way to learn is by reading what other people are doing!

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12 Responses to December Links: Looking Towards a New Year

  1. Awesome round-up :-)

    thx for including me!

    I wish you a great 2013 with a lot of dividend growth!



  2. Thank you for highlighting my article that describes my goals for 2013. I might be closer than you, but that is simply because I started a few years before you ;-)

    Good luck!

    • Dan Mac says:

      Thanks for reading Dividend Growth Investor. While I may not be at your level of dividend income that doesn’t mean I’m giving up! I know if I stay committed to the dividend growth strategy I will be successful.

  3. Great to be included in this roundup – thanks!

    Happy Holidays!

  4. Dan,

    Thanks for including me! Much appreciated.

    Hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season.

    Best wishes!

    • Dan Mac says:

      No problem Dividend Mantra. I always enjoy reading your site. Happy Holidays to you as well.

  5. That’s a great roundup and thanks for the link.

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