It seems like just yesterday 2013 was beginning but low and behold we already almost have one full month behind us.  Hopefully everyone is still sticking to their new years resolutions and making progress towards all financial goals set for 2013.  I’ve made some adjustments to make sure I can reach my goals and so far so good.  Anyways, here are a few articles from around the internet I found interesting this past month.

Lessons from The Intelligent Investor: Part One – Dustin over at Stockodo is reading The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham and in this article he discusses some of the lessons he’s taken from the first part of the book.  I’m also in the process of readingThe Intelligent Investor and believe it is one of the best investment books for all investors to read.

Avoid These 5 Investing Pitfalls – Miranda over at Personal Dividends writes about 5 mistakes investors should try to avoid.  These are good things every investor should keep in mind on their quest to financial freedom through investing.

Do You Have Your Cash Ready for a Market Pullback? – Over at Hello Suckers, Marvin writes about building up his cash levels because he believes the market is overextended and ready for a pullback soon.  When the pullback happens he will take advantage.  I wrote about this earlier this month, whether to build up cash or invest immediately, and I still believe you can find individual dividend growth stocks at good current valuations worth buying.

4 Reasons Why Successful Investors Choose Dividend Investing – Mike from The Dividend Guy Blog wrote a couple great guest posts this month over at Free Money Finance.  I’d recommend reading both articles as they discuss why you would want to invest in dividend stocks and how to Build a Dividend Growth Stock Portfolio in 4 Easy Steps.

Top Ten Ways to Deal With Behavioral Biases – Guest post writer Robert at Portfolioist writes about behavioral biases and ways we can attempt to minimize them.  We all have biases even if we think we do not.  While we do our research on a stock we are biased and may try to minimize any argument going against our own.  Investing psychology is very interesting to me and I think readers would be served well to read this article.

Do You Know When to BuySimply Investing has an article discussing comparing the current dividend yield to the historic dividend yield 10 year average to determine if a stock is a buy or not.  This is definately a good tool investors can use to help determine whether a stock might be trading at a good valuation.  I wrote about a couple other ways to quickly get an idea of stock valuation earlier this month.

There were quite a few good articles this month around the web about investing that I wanted to share.  I tried to share articles from some new sites I found recently that I think my read.  Be sure to check them all out because the best way to learn is by reading what other people are doing!

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6 Responses to January Links: Let’s Start 2013 Off Right

  1. Great articles! Thanks for sharing these, I am reading through them right now!

    • Dan Mac says:

      Thanks Brett! Hope you find them as entertaining and educating as I did.

  2. Martin says:

    Dan, I agree with you. There are great stocks out there which may provide a great opportunity even during the market being so overbought. That’s I wrote: “minimize buying, only when a stock you are interested in shows you an excellent buying opportunity” meaning that if an opportunity shows up, I would buy. As of this writing I am interested in adding NGLS into my portfolio and it seems like today the opportunity to do so is going to present itself even though the market is still horribly overbought.
    Thanks for mentioning my blog.

  3. Dustin Small says:

    Thanks for the mention! Glad that you’re reading along – I’ll be interested to share some ideas with you.

    • Dan Mac says:

      Dustin, it’s a great book and I think no matter how many times it is read something new can always be learned!

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