Wow another month has flown by and now we are heading into the heat of summer!  I don’t know about you but it is near 100 degrees where I live and I’m ready for some fun at the swimming pool!  Hopefully I can find some time in between all the swimming action to get some good stock research done.  Lounging by the pool is a great time to catch up on some annual report reviews!

Another month has flown by and as always there were lots of great dividend investing articles around the internet.  Below you will find some highlighted articles that are definately worth checking into.

How Warren Buffett Can Help You Pick Dividend Stocks – If you haven’t checked out The Dividend Theory yet then this is a good article to get you started.  Dividend Theory is a new dividend investing website and he has already come out with some great articles.  I like this one because Warren is the best investor of all time and we can learn a great deal from him.

The Rule of 72Dividend Tactics is another newcomer site in the dividend investing world and he brings us a great article explaining the rule of 72.  For dividend growth investors this is a good rule to understand.  I like to use this rule to get an idea of how long it might take for a company I invest in to double thier dividend rate.

Dividend Growth Investing is a Perfect Strategy for Young Investors – I really liked this article from Dividend Growth Investor.  I believe dividend growth investing can be one of the best ways for young investors to build up substantial wealth over a lifetime.  Start while you are young and you won’t have to worry about money problems later in life.

Delaying Gratification? What’s Gratifying to You? – A good article from Dividend Mantra discussing how he doesn’t believe his frugal tactics used to reach early financial independence isn’t delying gratification but instead hastening gratification.  His frugal ways will allow him to reach financial freedom and give him complete control over his time (which is what he values the most) much earlier than others.  I say find what is important to you and go after it no matter what others say!

PepsiCo: Not Bad at $80 for 2013 – The Dividend Monk has a great analysis of PepsiCo.  This is a great company with lots of world recognized brands.  This is the kind of company that dividend growth investors can purchase knowing they will hold it for many years while collecting increasing dividends.  This is why I’ve included PepsiCo among my 35 Top Dividend Growth Stocks!

Stocks Beyond Numbers – Five Golden Rules to Consider – I like this article from The Dividend Guy because sometimes when investing it is easy to forget about the actual business while we are focusing on the financial numbers.  It’s important to always remember what kind of business you are buying when considering investments.

9 High Yielding Utilities with Growing Dividends – I don’t own any utility companies but it may be worth considering for diversification purposes.  Dividend Growth Stocks gives us a list of 9 utility companies paying out growing dividends worth thinking about.

How Many Stocks Should You OwnThe Passive Income Earner discusses the number or companies you should own in your investment portfolio.  He’s come to the conclusion he wants to own between 40 and 45 companies for diversification purposes.  I personally feel pretty comfortable owning 35 companies.

Annual Cost of a DIY PortfolioMy Own Advisor discusses the costs of maintaining a do it yourself portfolio.  The idea is that you can keep your costs low.  I like this because if we aren’t paying attention to our costs they may eat up a large portion of our profits.  It’s a good idea to consider your costs when investing and try to minimize them as much as possible.

Phillip Morris Dividend Stock AnalysisPassive Income Pursuit has a nice analysis of Phillip Morris.  This is one of the stocks on my watchlist and one I have been considering picking up recently for my portfolio.

McDonald’s Dividend Fact Sheet – If you voted in my favorite dividend growth stock poll, you will see that McDonald’s is a popular choice and my favorite.  Dividend Engineering took a good look at McDonald’s stock this month worth checking out.

Do Technology Stocks Make Good Dividend Payers – I liked this article from Financially Integrated because you typically don’t think tech stocks when looking for dividend growth companies to invest in.  I have a couple in my portfolio and do believe every investor should have some tech exposure for diversification purposes.  Here you can find a few for consideration.

Hasbro Dividend Stock AnalysisMy Financial Independence Journey wrote a great analysis of Hasbro toy company.  I thought it funny in a later article he discussed how there was no love for Hasbro because there were no comments compared to his other stock analysis articles.  Well I’m here to tell FI Journey that I LOVE Hasbro.  I’m a long term owner and think the toy company has a bright future!

Top Dividend Stocks of 2013Dividend Ladder did a good article listing out the best performing dividend stocks so far in 2013.  I own a few on the lists so I was pretty pleased to see that.  Although when I think about it, I’d prefer they fall a bit in price so I can pick up some more shares!

Recent Buy – Piedmont Natural GasCaptain Dividend likes Piedmont Natural Gas and recently made a new purchase.  This is another utility company worth checking into.

Explaining the Stock Market – Go check out this article and click through to the slide show created by A Wealth of Common Sense.  It’s pretty interesting and worth your time.

As you can see there were tons of good articles this past month and I’m sure I missed a few.  I suggest if you haven’t already read these articles, they are worth your time to check out.

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16 Responses to June Links: Bring on the Summer!

  1. Thanks for the mention!

    I noticed several posts that I ended up missing throughout the month so now I’ve got to go read them.

    I’m glad summer is here also. If only I could be off for the whole thing.

  2. Ben says:

    Thanks for the link.

    Curious if you’ve run the numbers on Royal Dutch Shell (RDS/A is the ADR)? Energy and European stocks have underperformed this year and they have close to a 5% dividend. Let me know what you think. Have a nice weekend.

    • Dan Mac says:

      No problem Ben!

      Actually I’ve never really looked at Royal Dutch Shell. The yield does sound tempting. Is there a witholding tax on that if owned in a taxable account? I usually just stick with the domestic stocks to make things easier on myself. But for the right company I may be willing to venture overseas!

      • Ben says:

        Tax treatment on ADRs should be the same as with domestic stocks (as far as I know). I think you can even get a tax break because the foreign company pays taxes on the dividend. Something to look into further, but I thought it could be of interest with the yield and the fact that they have a pretty decent buyback that was just announced.

        • Ben, as Dan mentioned, foreign stocks are usually subjected to local withholding taxes. For instance, Switzerland withholds 35% of dividends paid to non-residents. That’s harsh.

          However, some countries are more dividend-friendly with non-residents and have low or even no withholding taxes.

          For instance, the UK has no withholding tax. Hence, dividends of shares of Royal Dutch Shell or Vodafone are free of withholding tax. As for Royal Dutch Shell, be careful though to buy the ADR of the UK stocks, not the Dutch stocks.

          Also, for Australian stocks, there is no withholding tax on fully franked dividends. To see if the dividends are franked, you can go the investor relation website of the companies. Some Australian stocks offer enticing yields (e.g. WBK).

          As for the U.S. tax treatment of the dividends paid by foreign companies, I can’t really say since I’m Canadian.

          • Dan Mac says:

            Thanks for the insight Dividend Engineer! Taxes are definately something to consider when investing. Interesting to know that the UK has no witholding.

            I do believe in the US investors who have had witholding taxes on foreign dividends can claim a Foreign Tax Credit. I personally haven’t had to deal with this so I’m not sure on the specifics. I like to keep my taxes as simple as possible which is a big reason why I mainly focus on the domestic (US) stocks.

          • Ben says:

            Good follow-up info. Tax issues can be tricky, so that’s why the majority of my investments are in tax deferred accounts. I can see how buying foreign shares could make for a headache at tax time based on your explanation.

          • Dan Mac says:

            Ben, I think tax deferred accounts are a good idea if you have that option. I have my retirement savings in a tax deferred account through my employer. For other reasons, I prefer to keep a seperate investing portfolio in a taxable account which is where I do my dividend growth investing.

  3. Thanks for the mention Dan! Bring it on – summer and more dividends with it!

  4. Thank Dan for the mention. Also, thanks for the ebook, I’ll read it during my holidays.

  5. Thanks for the mention Dan.

    The advantage of a dividend portfolio is you can leave on holidays for a few weeks without worrying every day what is happening in the markets!

    The Dividend Theory

    • Dan Mac says:

      I agree Dividend Theory. I was actually out of town last week when the market had some big down days. I had no idea what was going on with the market nor did I care. I knew I owned solid companies that would be paying me growing dividends and that I will own for the long term. You don’t need to pay attention to the day by day play by play of the market when dividend growth investing.

  6. Nice to be included in this great group of links. Thanks for the mention! :-o

  7. Dan,

    Thanks for including me! Great list of articles up there. :)

    Have a great weekend.

    Best wishes!

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