Here you’ll find a few resources I use when it comes to dividend growth stock investing.

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Top 35 Dividend Growth Stocks book – Check out this 2 part book.  Part 1 discusses the strategy of dividend growth investing and Part 2 displays 35 great dividend growth companies for any portfolio.

Retire With Dividend Growth: A Better Way book – This book will show you exactly why dividend growth investing is the best strategy to help you reach all of your retirement dreams.  After working through this book you will have a retirement plan and be ready to execute that plan so that you can retire with a growing passive income stream that you will not need to worry about ever running out.

DRip Investing Resource Center – Here you can find an updated spreadsheet of potential dividend growth stocks.  This site is updated by David Fish and the spreadsheet includes 3 different lists.  The Dividend Champions list is composed of companies that have increased their dividends for at least 25 consecutive years.  The Dividend Contenders list is composed of companies that have increased their dividends from 10 to 24 consecutive years.  The Dividend Challengers list includes companies who have increased their dividends from 5-9 consecutive years.  I use this site to help me find companies that I may want to include in my watch list.  I like to look at all 3 lists for potential investment candidates.

Seeking Alpha – Seeking Alpha is an investment site where contributors can go and publish articles.  The articles can range from many different types of investments and styles of investing.  You will find articles on bonds, growth stocks and dividend stocks.  You will find articles about technical trading and investing on fundamentals.  I particularly like the Dividends & Income section where many dividend growth investors contribute.  It is a good tool for learning more about dividend growth investing and other investors perspectives.

Dividend Growth Investor - The Dividend Growth Investor is a blog much like this one where the author posts his stock analysis on many different dividend growth companies.  This is a good site to get a different perspective and to see how another investor has modified and implements the dividend growth strategy to what suits him the best.

The Dividend Guy Blog – The Dividend Guy Blog is another site I like to frequent in order to see another perspective on dividend growth investing.  Dividend Guy posts some stock analysis as well as other articles about investing and dividend growth stocks.

Dividends4Life – Another site dedicated to dividend growth investing.  He provides more stock analysis and investing ideas.

The Main Street Investor – This is a newer site about dividend growth investing maintained by Mike.  Mike offers a blog sharing his investment ideas, his actual dividend growth portfolio and an investor toolkit which includes a nice compound annual growth calculator.

The Dividend Ninja – The Dividend Ninja is a good place to learn more about dividend growth investing.  The site helps readers understand the strategy of investing in dividend growth stocks.  Their are frequent posts with good articles around the internet about dividend investing that readers may be interested in.  Dividend Ninja is located in Canada and you will learn a bit about some good Canadian companies that may be worth a look.

The Dividend Pig -  I like to think of The Dividend Pig as the Dividend Ninja’s American brother.  The site is run by the same owner/author and The Dividend Pig has more of a focus on American companies.

Dividend Calculators

Compound Annual Growth Rate – I use this calculator when I am calculating a companies different growth rates.  I calculate growth rates for earnings, sales, net profits and dividends when I am evaluating a stock.

Future Value Calculator – I use this calculator when I need to project a number into the future.  For example I may use an estimated growth rate to calculate an expected earnings number at some future date.

If you have any great dividend growth resources that you think I should share on my resources page please feel free to contact me.