Below is a list of stocks that are on my watch list.  I have included a little bit about what the company does.  Just because a stock is on my list does not mean I am ready to buy.  Before any purchase I do a complete analysis to determine if the stock is at a good valuation and if I can expect a decent future return from purchasing at the current price.  I have included stocks that I believe are good dividend growth stocks and would be interested in adding to my portfolio if the price is right.

PG – Procter & Gamble is a consumer packaged goods company that has increased dividends for 56 years.  Brands include Tide, Pampers, Swiffer, Bounty and many more.

AWR – American States Water Company is a utility company that has increased dividends for 57 years.  Included because I don’t have interest in many utility companies so like idea for diversification and company has very long dividend growth history.

DOV – Dover Corp manufactures range of specialized industrial products and manufacturing equipment.  Long history of increasing dividends for 56 consecutive years.

MMM – 3M Company has increased dividends for 54 years.  Very diversified technology company.

CINF – Cincinnati Financial Corp is a property casualty insurance company with 51 years of dividend growth.

KO – Coca-Cola is a global beverage company with 50 years of dividend increases.

JNJ – Johnson & Johnson has increased their dividend for 50 years.  They operate in the health care field.

LOW – Lowe’s Companies is a home improvement retailer with 49 years of dividend raises for loyal shareholders.

CL – Colgate-Palmolive Company sells such brands as Colgate toothpaste, Palmolive dish soap and Irish Spring soap.  They have increased the dividend for 49 years.

HRL – Hormel Foods Corp produces and sells meat and food products allowing it to increase it’s dividend for the past 46 years.

TGT – Target Corp is a retailer who has increased dividends for 44 years.

CBSH – Commerce Bancshares is a bank holding company with 43 years of consecutive dividend increases.

PEP – PepsiCo Inc is a beverage and snack food company that has 40 years of increasing dividends.

WMT – Wal-Mart is a discount retailer with dividend raises for the past 38 years.

WAG – Walgreen Co is a drugstore chain with 36 years of rising dividends.

FDO – Family Dollar Stores operates a chain of discount general merchandise retail stores and has 36 years of dividend increases.

MCD – McDonald’s franchises and operates fast food restaurants around the globe selling Big Mac’s and Happy Meals.  They have increased dividends for 35 years.

CLX – The Clorox Company manufactures consumer products such as Clorox bleach, Green Works cleaning supplies and Glad trash bags.  They have 34 years of dividend increases.

AFL – Aflac Inc is a supplemental health and life insurance company operating in United States and Japan.  They have increased their dividend payments for 29 years.

XOM – Exxon Mobil is an oil company with 30 years of rising dividends.

T – AT&T is a telecommunications company that has provided 28 years worth of increasing dividends.

CVX – Chevron Corporation is an oil company with 25 years of rising dividends.

CAH – Cardinal Health Inc has increased dividends for 22 years.  They are a global health care services company.

ROP – Roper Industries is a diversified manufacturing company with 19 years of increasing dividends.

COP – Conoco is a leading oil company with 11 years of dividend raises.

HRS – Harris Corp is an international communications and information technology company with 11 years of increasing dividends.

NSC – Norfolk Southern Corp is a railway company with 11 years of consecutive dividend increases.

HAS – Hasbro Inc is a toy company with brands such as Playskool, Nerf and Parker Brothers.  The toy sales have allowed Hasbro to raise dividends for the past 9 years.

DE – Deere & Company is a manufacturer of farm equipment.  They have increased dividends for 9 years.

HSY – Hershey Company is a chocolate and candy company.  They have increased dividends for 36 out of last 37 years.  Missed raising in 2009.  Usually this would be reason to drop off my list but they have since resumed increases and I like chocolate.

INTC – Intel Corporation is a micro chips manufacture who has raised dividends for 8 years.

K – Kellogg Company is a food products company with brands such as Kellogg’s cereals, Keebler cookies and Cheez It crackers.  They have hiked their dividend for 8 years in a row.

CSX – CSX Corp is a rail based transportation services company with dividend increases in the past 7 years.

V – Visa Inc. is a payments technology company that allows consumers to use digital currency with credit and debit cards instead of cash.  They only have 3 years of increases but I believe credit cards will continue to be big business and would love to get in at the right price.

CPB – Campbell Soup Company is a food products company.  Selling soup as allowed this company to increase dividends for 7 years.

GE – General Electric Company is a diversified technology and financial services corporation.  They have had 4 dividend increases in the past 2 years. After a very long history of dividend increases, GE was forced to cut in the great recession of 2009.  Usually this would rule the company out but I am still interested and believe this is good company going forward.

MSFT – Microsoft Corp is a software company that has increased dividends for 7 years.  I like this company because I feel they have a strong hold in business software throughout the world.

RAI – Reynolds American Inc. is a tobacco company with 8 years of increased dividends.  Part of me doesn’t want to invest in cigarette companies however they seem to be great businesses spilling out cash because people still want to smoke despite the fact that it can kill you.

This is my current watch list.  At any time I may decide to cut a company or add new companies as I am made aware of them.  When getting ready to make an investment I will usually analyze these stocks to determine what I believe is best to invest in at that given time.

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